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Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Car Hauler

Image of three car trailers

About Our Car Trailer Plans

All of our car trailer plans contain over 40 pages to eliminate any guess work. The plans include the step by step building instructions and materials list. This means that all of the necessary measurements, sketches, images and drawings that you need to build these trailers from start to finish are included. As well the the step by step instructions that walk you through each step of the building process.

We have also included the instructions for the angle iron loading ramps. And we could have left it at that, but good enough is not what we strive for, so in each set of plans we also included the instructions for building the trailers with an optional dovetail in case you should want to build it on your trailer. And if that was not enough, in every set of plans we also provided the instructions as well as materials lists for building the car trailers with a wood deck or a metal deck or runners, so you can choose what best suits your needs.

Image taken during the car trailer build.
Mounting the spring hangers and springs on the car trailer.
Image of building the metal deck on car trailer

About The Car Trailers

All of the car trailers that we sell plans for are heavy duty tandem axle car trailer with a gvwr of 10,000#.We have three sizes of car trailers that we sell plans for. An 8’ x 20’, an 8’ x 18’ and an 8’ x 16’. Our 8’ wide car trailers have an actual deck width of 86” wide and an over all width of right at 102”. So the deck will be a little under 8’ wide and the over all trailer width will be a little over 8’ wide.

These car trailers really are not hard to build. A couple items you may want to invest in if you do not already own them that will make life easier while building the frame are a couple 45/90 degree welders clamps. Now you can find these fairly cheap as long as you don’t feel the need to purchase the big brand names. I have seen them on for under $20. You do not have to have them to build this trailer, but it sure makes life easier when it comes to getting the main frame square so you can put your first tack welds on the corners.
One thing you see a lot in our plans is “Square” getting the frame square before you weld it is very important, but we show you how to do this and how to check it to make sure its square before you put a weld on anything.

The other thing you will need are a few large clamps which you probably already have to hold pieces together or in place until you have tack welded it.

These trailers really are not hard to build, just follow the step by step instructions. And the amount of money that you can save by building your car trailer is more then worth it.

You can find the specifics for each individual car trailer below.

We also included several free bonus files with your plans and the that I think will be the most valuable to you is the file on installing the electric brakes. That file contains the step by step instructions along with an image showing each step and how to do it.

Our plans are written in English using Imperial Measurements (inches and feet) and include a imperial to metric (inches and feet to meters and centimeters) conversion chart in case you are more familiar with using metric measurements.

We were able to save over $1,000 on the cost of building our car trailers and the plans tell you how we did it.


These plans and all other included files will be delivered by instant download in high quality pdf format.


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