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Great deal on the teardrop bundle. Got both the 5x8 and the 5x10 teardrop trailer plans for $30.95.  Plans look good. Very pleased, highly recommend.
Jay - AZ

I just looked through the plans and extra files and there is a lot of info. It would of been nice to be able to get the hard copy though.
Aaron - WA.

Thank you for your quality product, your rapid response, and your obvious business integrity.
Michael - VA

Very thorough plans. great info. Thanks.
Ron - TX

I was skeptical, but the plans look good. I don't think I will have any trouble building from them.
Paul - NC

Plans received promply as promised. They appear to be very professional.
Dan - Australia

I am very satisfied with my purchase and I got great customer service. I would refer others to this site.
Tom - AL.

Very good plans, detailed instuctions, reasonable price.
Matthew - IL

Finished!!! I finished building my car trailer and it looks great! I am very satisfied! Thanks.
Harold - AZ

They look good. And the free file for installing electric brakes is a great bonus. Thanks
Jeff - AR

All pros - no cons. Satisfied with purchase.
Marty - MA

Easy to understand. Tips on keeping the cost of building down. No complaints. Everything looks good.
Oly - WI

The teardrop plans look great, and great customer service. I was very impressed. Thanks Again.
Seth - CA

Teardrop trailer plans in pdf format are great - now I just need to built it!!
Monroe - Spain

Nice building instructions with a lot of info. Fast E-delivery... Thanks
Ryan - PA

Nice clear detailed plans. I would reccomend them to someone looking to buy plans. Thanx
Bruce - IA

Good plans, if you are looking for plans you should buy these. I wasted $ elsewhere on a set of so called plans and they were totaly worthless.
Jay - NM

I was expecting something a little more technical, like blueprints. However I do see you have all the measurements etc needed so I can make these work.
Cliff - NY

Good plans, extra files, seems to be well explained.
Steve - TN

Very Satisfied. My project is going well, thank you.
Norman - FL

These plans are good! Lots of detailed pics to help! Great Transaction too :)
Anthony - United Kingdom

More than adequate. Thanks
Dean - NH

Nice plans well wroth the money!
Kyle - MI

Plans look great, can't wait to get started.
Larry - UT

Just as described, perfect transaction! These are really good plans and I would recommend them to anyone that wants to build a teardrop trailer. Thanks for being an honest seller with a good product.
Wayne - OH

Great teardrop plans and for those of us who would prefer to build our own trailer frame rather than using one of the bolt together trailers, the trailer frame plans were also included. Excellent.
Frank - MS

I bought one of your bundles and I must say I really wasn't expecting too much. But as I opened the files I found that all of them have a materials list and the building instructions from start to finish. Thanks for a great product.
Tim - ID

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