Trailer Plans

Quality Trailer Plans

All of our trailer plans come with complete building instructions and materials list.

Plus we also include little extras with our trailer plans that you won't get from our competitors. For instance, all of our open trailer plans come with a free file on installing electric brakes. Our utility trailer plans also include a free file with the ramp gate plans. Our teardrop trailer plans are designed to be built using one of the bolt togther trailers or other prefabricated trailer for the frame. However for those of you who prefer to build your own trailer frame, we have also included a free file with the plans for building your own trailer frame.


We have now put all of our trailer plans into high quality pdf format. So you won't have to wait to receive your plans.


Would you prefer the hard copy?


We now have a number of our trailer plans published in paperback on Amazon.

You can see which of our plans are on Amazon with the page link to each book below.


The following plans are available in paperback on Amazon.


4' x 6' Off Road Trailer Building Manual -


5' x 10' Teardrop Trailer Building Manual -


5' x 8' Teardrop Trailer Building Manual -


8' X 18' Tandem Car Trailer Building Manual -


8' X 18' Tandem Utility Trailer Building Manual -



Below are the trailer plans we offer on our site in pdf format.

Teardrop Trailer Plans

We have two teardrop trailers we sell plans for. We have 5' x 8' teardrop trailer plans and we have 5' x 10' teardrop trailer plans. For a more detailed description of our teardrop plans, visit the Teardrop Plans page on our site.

Teardrop Trailer

4' x 6' Off Road Trailer Plans

The 4' x 6' off road trailer is one of the most versitile trailers that we offer plans for. This trailer is perfect for off road, a bug out trailer, canoe trailer, box trailer and more. Visit the Off Road Trailer Plans page for more info.

Off Road Trailer

Car Trailer Plans

All of our car trailer plans are for heavy duty tandem axle car trailers. We have plans for three sizes of car trailers. An 8' x 16' car trailer, a 8' x 18' car trailer and an
8' x 20' car trailer.  Visit the Car Trailer Plans page for more info.

Car Trailer

Tandem Utility Trailer Plans

We have plans for 7' wide and 8' wide tandem axle utility trailers. The three largest 8' wide trailers are heavy duty flatbed trailers. All of the trailer plans come with instructions for installing the electric brakes. Visit the Tandem Utility Trailer Plans page for more info.

Tandem Axle Utility Trailers

ATV Trailer Plans

Tandem axle atv trailer plans. These trailers are built with the convenience of rear or side loading. Making it much easier when loading more then one atv. Visit our ATV Trailer Plans page for more info.

ATV Trailer

Single Axle Trailer Plans

We offer single axle utility trailer plans  for 5' wide and 6' wide utility trailers. All of these trailer plans include the ramp gate plans. These single axle trailers are light weight and easy to build. Visit the Single Axle Trailer Plans page for more info.

Single Axle Trailers