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Customer Reviews Teardrop Plans

I decided to risk paying you somewhat more (though actually not that much) rather than go with the cheapie or even freebie alternatives on the web. Having just skimmed your downloaded files, I am glad I did. The care and quality that went into your plans is worth several times the price you charge. It is refreshing and heartening to deal with honest people.

Thank you for your quality product, your rapid response, and your obvious business integrity.
Michael - VA

This item is MORE than as discribed. Thank you.
Mike - IN.


Super great deal on the teardrop bundle! Got both the 5x8 and the 5x10 teardrop trailer plans for $30.95 and each set of plans are almost 70 pages each! Very pleased, highly recommend!
Jay - AZ

Plans & Instructions look great thanks.
George - CA

These plans were everything that it said.
Jerry - SD

I just looked through the plans and extra files and there is a lot of info. It would of been nice to be able to get the hard copy though.
Aaron - WA.

Just as described, perfect transaction! These are really good plans and I would recommend them to anyone that wants to build a trailer. I had read somewhere on the website “We have put a lot of hard work into our plans” before I had bought my teardrop plans, and I can tell from the amount and quality of information that indeed a lot of work has gone into them. Thank you for selling plans that I can actually build a teardrop camp trailer with.
Wayne - OH

Very thorough plans. great info.
Ron - TX

Very nice, just as described, A+++
Alen - KS

I was skeptical, but looks like great plans with a lot of good info in it.
Paul - NC

Plans received promply as promised. They appear to be very professional.
Dan - Australia

Harold - CT

Good Plans, these are more than I thought they would be with good instructions. Im anxous to get started.
Jake - PA

Excellent and very complete. Great Store!
Bob - WA.

Plans look great, can't wait to get started.
Larry - UT

These are fantastic! Lots of detailed pics to help! Great Transaction too :)
Anthony - United Kingdom

Nice, thanks.
Robert - NM


Great Plans easy design
Les - WY


Nice instructions and a wealth of Info!, fast E-delivery... Thanks
Ryan - PA

Customer Reviews Car & ATV Trailer Plans

Good job on these plans.
Jesse - UK

A+ I wanted to come back to leave feedback because I had purchased triler plans somewhere else online some time before I purchased these from this site, and what I recived were plans from an old magazine that I couldnt even read. When I found your site and I read some of your feedback, I thought I would go ahead and take a chance, but I really wasn't expecting too much, and I am very happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. Great plans and instructions!
Carl - MT

I like the plans. Easy to read and understand.

Frank - MS

Super, thanks
Jeff - KY

Finished!!! I finished building my car trailer and it looks great! I am very satisfied! Thanks.
Harold - AZ

It went pretty smooth. I do suggest that you read all the way through the plans before you go out and buy any of the materials.
Dylan - IL

I am almost finished building my car trailer and it went much better than I had expected. The instructions are very easy to understand and its looking great! Thanks.
Matt - CA

Im very impressed. Thanks for the great customer service.
Lloyd - AR

Very good plans for car trailer.
Mike - UT

I bought one of your bundles and I must say I really wasn't expecting too much. But as I opened the files all of them have a materials list and the building instructions from start to finish. Thanks for a great product.

Tim - ID

Customer Reviews Utility & Single Axle Trailer Plans

Easy to understand. Tips on keeping the cost of building down. No complaints. Everything looks good.
Oly - WI

I purchased the 4x6 off road trailer plans and I really like the trailer. Cool having the roof tent on the trailer platform! Makes a great bug out trailer. Two thumbs up.
Carl - SD

It went a lot better than I thought was going to. I would tell you to buy your fenders because they arnt that expensive if you buy where they refer you. I was going to make my own and it turned into a pain, so I ended up buying them anyway.
Ian - IL

Nice clear detailed plans. I would reccomend them to someone looking to buy plans. Thanx
Bruce - IA

Quality plans, great customer service.
Mike - OK

These are really good plans, if you are looking for plans you should buy these. I wasted $ elsewhere on two other sets of so called plans before I purchased these, and they were totaly worthless.
Jay - NM

Good price, happy with my plans.
Larry - CO

I am about half way there, I stopped by the site to look at some of the pics of the trailers people have built and I thought I would go ahead and leave your feedback while I was here. I think the plans are really good, they are described and explained well. Nothing bad to say. I will submit a photo as soon as I am finished.
Jim - LA

More than adequate. Thanks
Dean - NH

100 times better than the last set I bought at another website.
Ed - WA

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The teardrop plans look great, and great customer service. I was very impressed. Thanks Again.
Seth - CA

Looks like what I wanted. A+
Kevin - CA

Pleased with purchase.
Gary - NV

Plans look like I can do it. Thanks
Pat - GA

Looks like good plans, there is over 50 pages of instructions.
Gary - ID

I agree with one of the other reviews I read, I was very glad to see that the plans came with a set of plans for building the trailer frame as well.
Terry - WA

Good product and service.
James - IL

Good plans and immediately delivered in pdf.
Glen - OK

Thanks. Very nice instructions!
Mike - AL

Excellent product just as described. Money well spent!
Craig - OR.

Very Satisfied. Over 100 total pages of information and ideas.
Larry - IA

Harold - CT

Good Plans, these are more than I thought they would be with good instructions. Im anxous to get started.
Jake - PA

Excellent and very complete. Great Store!
Bob - WA.

Nice plans well wroth the money!
Kyle - MI

Great transaction.
Jason - MO

Teardrop trailer plans in pdf format are great - now I just need to built it!!
Monroe - Spain

Good. I like the profile very much.
Jose - CA

There was a couple things I didnt understand, but I will email you if I cant figure it out on my own. But the rest looks great.
George - KY

I am very satisfied with my purchase and I got great customer service. I would refer others to this site.
Tom - AL.

The plans come with a second set of plans and instructions just for building the trailer frame.I would recommend them to anyone wanting to buy a good set of trailer plans.
Sean - WA


Very good plans, detailed instuctions, reasonable price.
Matthew - IL

Great teardrop plans and for those of us who would prefer to build our own trailer frame rather than using one of the bolt together trailers, the trailer frame plans were also included. Excellent.

Frank - MS

Good plans at a good price. Thanks.
Mark - WA

Item as described. Thanks
Von - CT

All pros - no cons. Satisfied with purchase.
Marty - MA

I had problems with the download, so I contacted them and got a fast response and I was able to get them downloaded. Very helpful. Thanks!
Isaiah - ID

It looks good, and didnt take me as long as I had thought to complete.
Adam - FL

Nice plans. Thanks for the help.
Harold - NM

A+ Thanks
Dean - OR

I like the plans, you dont have to be an engineer to understand them. The instructions are easy to understand as well and the free file on installing the electric brakes is a great bonus. Thank Guys.
Richard - LA

Super Plans, Thanks
Ed - AU

I would recommend.
Lance - UT

The plans are 42 pages! And its good information.
Carter - MT

Jack - NV

I had it figured out about what it was going to cost me to build my trailer and im going to save quit a bit of money with your plans thanks.
Jimmy - CA

They look good. And the free instructions for installing electric brakes is a great bonus. Thanks
Martin - AR

Was expecting metric measurements but the measurements are in Imperial (feet and inches), but they do include a conversion chart, had to convert all the measurements.
William - Australia

Very Satisfied. My project is going well, thank you.
Norman - FL

I was expecting something a little more technical, maybe thats because of the type of work I do. I was expecting blue prints, but I do see you have all the measurements etc needed so I can make these work.
Cliff - NY

Dave - OR

Good plans, extra files, seems to be well explained.
Steve - TN

I got a lot more than I expected. +++
Lee - NY

I had a little trouble downloading the plans at first, but I got them ok. The plans look good.
Shane - NM

A+ Good
Marty - HI

Purchased the 8x18' utility trailer plans and I am satisfied with the download I received.
Gene - NV

Great plans, great customer service. Thank you for the fast reply, I would direct anyone looking to buy trailer plans to your site. Thanks Again.
Walter - TN